Happy Father's Day and busy week ahead

I had a very nice Father’s Day yesterday and received a new gas powered weed eater with blade attachment to help me take care of the out-of-control blackberry bushes trying to come over the fence into my yard. This unit also takes attachments for pruning, edge trimmer, small rototiller, and more. I can’t wait to go out and attack our several hundred feet of area that needs trimming without having to drag out my 150 feet of extension cord. I also received Rugby 2005 for the Xbox, which is great since I don’t get much time to play anymore now that my three girls are so active in sports. My mother-in-law gave me a complete barbeque utensil set so now I am really set for the summer.

We had a very nice family get-together with excellent barbequed chicken, potato salad, cake, and more. We have a busy week this week too as my daughter’s 9th birthday party is tomorrow along with my wife and I celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. At the end of the week I am attending Gnomedex and then on Sunday we plan on going up to the Buckley Log Show after church. I grew up in Buckley and my Grandpa Miller was even named “Bull of the Woods” back in 1987.

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