Another milestone: 12th wedding anniversary

We had a party for my daughter yesterday to celebrate her 9th birthday and a great time was had by all. Yesterday was also my 12th wedding anniversary and my wife bought me an awesome Ryobi cordless drill, saw, flashlight, vacuum set. I bought her the navigation system upgrade for her Acura so we each bought something for each other that was actually needed and practical. I also gave her a nice bouquet of flowers from the Pike Place Market flower shop.

It is amazing to think we met and got married in 17 days just over 12 years ago. Our story is quite incredible, but the key to the whole thing was that Jesus was at the center of our lives so we were comfortable in getting married that quickly after meeting. Now, if one of my 3 daughters tries to pull this stunt then that is another thing. (Just kidding, of course) I am confident my daughter’s will make the right decisions when the time comes as they are quite confident and secure in their faith and morals.

  1. #1 by CroCo on June 22, 2005 - 07:57

    So how is multiplayer on the nintendo DS? :-))
    I am actually thinking hard about a PSP, since I saw that Star Wars Battlefront II will be running on it. Hopefully the PC version will run on my Laptop, since that would save me from having to justify my need of buying another tech-toy to my girlfriend:-)

  2. #2 by Mike on June 22, 2005 - 19:47

    First, let me say I always respect your gadget reviews whether I agree with you or not. You always have at least sound logic. And I definitely appreciate that you give each type of solution a fair shake.

    Funny reading your blog, though, as I’m on the east coast, 12 yrs married, and my oldest of three boys turning 9 in August. Nice inverse huh? (btw: I would have to give the nod to Pike Place over Reading Terminal Market — Seattle is beautiful).

    My philosophy has been you don’t pick when you (or how) you get married, it picks you. My best guess is that values are most important thing for a great relationship. Christianity being a terrific source of such.

  3. #3 by Antoine on June 23, 2005 - 05:12

    Congrats on the anniversary and birthdays. Nice quickie about your marriage too. I dont feel so ackward about my ladi and I; even though that one caught me completly off guard as well.

  4. #4 by Wes Salmon on June 24, 2005 - 16:07

    Congrats on the 12 years!

  5. #5 by Barbara on July 2, 2005 - 07:20

    I was reading the June archives and came across your anniversary post. Congratulations on your 12 years of marriage. Stay true to one another (I have no doubt you will!), and you will soon (and I’m not joking) hit the milestone that my husband and I will be reaching on July 6th. We celebrate 41 years of marriage.

    Someone asked if we had worked on our marriage to reach a milestone, and I said, “No, I gave it all to God.” When you stay in touch with God, he will see you through many things that you never thought you could make it through. Our marriage has certainly been blessed!

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