It looks like Mailblocks finally died :(

I have been using the Mailblocks email service since early 2004 after I tested it at CES 2004. In August 2004 they were bought by AOL so I knew their days were numbered. I have been getting more errors lately and now the web interface has been down for over 24 hours. I can still receive email via Outlook, but cannot send any out. I think they are dying so I am in the process of jumping ship right now before it goes all the way down.

I created a new AIM Mail account since it is powered by the Mailblocks technology, gives you 2GB for FREE, and supports IMAP. I also have Yahoo and Gmail accounts, but they don’t support IMAP which is essential for managing email on mobile devices or multiple computers. The AIM Mail has adds added to your email if you use the web interface, but is ad free if you use a 3rd party email client like Outlook. I am copying over all my email folders from Mailblocks to AIM Mail in Outlook right now and am happy I had IMAP for this since I may have lost quite a bit of email with POP.

I am asking Joel to update where my email address gets forwarded to so I should not lose anyone in the transisiton. If you send mail to me at then please try instead.

  1. #1 by Spam Arrest on August 4, 2005 - 16:08

    Mailblocks has been down for the past week!

    Spam Arrest is still independent, still under active development, and far more stable and full-featured.

    Spam Arrest is offering Mailblocks customers a 90 Free Trial, if they use the following Link:

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