My daily device usage, OneNote is great at church again

With my collection of mobile devices you may be wondering what I use on a daily basis. Right now, I have been primarily using a Motorola MPx220 Smartphone with the Dell Axim X50v. I use the Tablet when I am at home since I like the freedom of not being tied to my desktop in one room of the house. However, I still like the portability of my smaller PDAs when I am in the vanpool or out and about. I have also been using my older Tungsten T3 quite a bit since I like the way Agendus Mail 4 downloads and sends email from all my accounts with a single action. On Windows Mobile devices you have to go to each account and press or tap the menu to get email. With several email accounts this gets to be a bit bothersome. I have actually considered trading up my T3 for a T5 due to the better 5-way navigation support and more memory. Then again, I like the metal body on the T3 as well as the voice recorder, stable performance, and vibrating alarm feature so I think I’ll keep the T3.

I used OneNote again on my Tablet PC at church to take sermon notes and find this is an incredible use of the technology. I also use eSword to read the applicable verses and then copy and paste the verses into my OneNote sermon notes. I also made a complete switch at work to using the Tablet PC and the only hang up with using an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse is that we have no USB keyboards at work right now and the USB to PS/2 connector is not working with my Tablet right now.

You may also notice a Pocket PC Magazine Judge logo over on the right sidebar of my blog. This is my 3rd year serving as a member of the Pocket PC Magazine Boards of Experts and I will be judging Pocket PC and Smartphone categories this year.

  1. #1 by Kerry on July 2, 2005 - 04:29

    Great idea. My father-in-law (our pastor) might not like me taking my computer into the santuary, though. I run the sound system at our church right now along with another guy. We currently record our sermons on tape, but we have been talking about using the laptop to get a full digital recording for CD archive.

    Anyway… great blog. I love it!

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