Accident claims settled and sneaky traffic ticket

I just wanted to close the loop on the auto accident postings I made in the past and let my readers know that I was blessed with closure on the two collisions yesterday. I received a fair settlement for the accident where the drunk and stoned driver took out the entire left side of my truck. I have never had an accident where there was a pain and suffering amount given to the victims and after doing some research online I was expecting something at least double what I eventually settled on. In reality though, my truck was fixed, my medical bills were paid for, and I felt we were adequately reimbursed for all the trouble and stress it caused in my life the last 6 months or so. I am not interested in suing or messing up the insurance companies even more because all of our rates are high enough as it is and I don’t feel that would be a good example for my children, family, friends, and church. The guilty parties insurance adjuster was a very nice woman who I truly believe did all she could for us.

In regards to the recent accident where the guy ran right through the stop sign and hit my truck, his insurance just sent me a check based on the estimate that the body shop (the ones who fixed my truck from the drunk driver accident) gave us a month ago. The damage isn’t that visible and since I plan on keeping this truck for a while as my work and house truck I am not going to pay to get it fixed. Instead, I am taking this check and the other settlement, along with my wife paying a nice chunk from her Party Lite business, to pay off my truck early and get rid of a monthly payment. So thank God for a happy ending with these accidents and I pray people stop thinking of my truck as target practice.

In other driving news, I received my first ticket in over 20 years of driving (I have never even been pulled over before). I drove into work yesterday to drive to our user group meeting and was stopped at an intersection with a red light. I then let an elderly woman walk across the street and checked to see that there were no cars coming from the left. I then safely proceeded to turn right on red as it is legal in WA State. As I came around the corner there were a couple motorcycle police indicating to people to pull over. I was mystified why they were doing this and wondered if it was some random seatbelt check. I then discovered that at this particular intersection you can never go right on red, even if you fully stop and it is clear. They wrote me a ticket for a whopping $101 and I was shocked. The officer was very nice though and told me to check the box to mediate the ticket since it was my first ever and he said I would get it cleared so it would not go on my record or to my insurance company. He said it would probably be $50 and come with a 6-month probation. I have no problem with probation as I have been driving safely for 20 years and it is very important that it not go on my record or insurance. I think it is quite a racket they have setup on that intersection and am now paying serious attention when I drive in downtown Seattle.

  1. #1 by Barbara on July 1, 2005 - 23:36

    It certainly sounds like Seattle has a little scheme going for improving their revenue. Why would it be legal on some traffic lights and not on others to turn right on red, when clear?

    This sounds a little like the racket that went on in a little town in AL years ago. There was a speed trap, and the town racked upon the money, until our Attorney General got involved. It quickly stopped!

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