Added Sony PSP to my collection

It is convenient living so close to Microsoft because I get asked to participate in usability studies about twice a year. I give them a few hours of my time and then get a software gratuity that I then sell on ebay to use to support my mobile device habit. I am doing a Tablet PC study soon and as a result I picked up a Sony PSP yesterday via a person found on Craigslist. My brother planted the idea after saying that is where he found a good deal on his PSP and I picked one up for $190 that included the Spiderman 2 movie and Untold Legends game. The unit is in MINT condition and comes with a hard flip cover as well as the value pack accessories. My daughters have taken over the 2nd DS I bought since they love the wireless chat and gaming functionality and now that school is out they are having a blast with those units.

The PSP display is awesome and movies and games look great. I was always a huge fan of the Sony CLIE PDAs and Sony continues to impress me with their hardware. I am now going to sell an extra Newton MessagePad 2100 I have to pick up a couple games and a Memory Stick for the PSP. I also saw that pt has a method on the MAKE magazine site for running emulators and I hope to have Donkey Kong and maybe even Zaxxon running on it soon.

  1. #1 by Jason J. on June 29, 2005 - 09:21

    Funny timing. I just picked mine up yesterday after trading in my xbox and a few games since I can never manage to take over the TV from the rest of the household. I am hoping that being able to play on my own small screen will let me get in more game time. I also picked up Untold Legends as well as Wipeout Pure. I also got Lumines for the wife. I am really impressed with the unit so far.

  2. #2 by CroCo on July 5, 2005 - 01:08

    Hi PalmSolo!
    I think you could discuss cross-connectivity between portable and stationary devices, such as PSP and PS2/3. Would be great to have titles that can be played as multiplayergames on portable and stationary devices in one session. EG, you with PSP agains someone with a PS2/3 … .

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