Google releases toolbar for Firefox users

Although I have been participating on the MSN Search Champs team and have been trying to use Internet Explorer for browsing, I keep going back to Firefox because I like the interface more and am just happier with the browser. I was very pleased to read about the fact that the Google Toolbar has been released for Firefox and just finished installing and customizing it. So far it is working quite well and my browsing experience was just greatly improved.

I do still prefer the MSN Desktop Search client over Google Desktop and Copernic and use that all the time. Yesterday I found several old emails using MSN Search and love the quick preview window. BTW, MSN Desktop Search just had an update released that fixed some minor bug issues and seems to be running quite well.

  1. #1 by Kerry on July 10, 2005 - 18:29

    Yes, and the beauty of this particular Google search bar is that it is compatible with Firefox on Mac OS X.

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