My daughter rocks at soccer!

My middle daughter loves soccer and is very competitive. She tried out for the premier select team in Washington State and made their U-ll development team. The amazing thing is she was only 8 when she tried out and is playing 2 levels above her age. She played in her first tourney this last weekend and their team won all 3 games in the qualifying round and then unfortunately lost the championship game 2-1. She was selected as a player of the game for the championship game, which is awesome considering she played defense and it is usually the offensive players that get all the glory. You can see her team info on the FC Royals 94 Royal page. She has been playing with them now for just over 3 months and I can see a marked improvement in her skills. Her goal is to play at the college and higher level and with her ambition and skill she has a good chance at it too.

My oldest and youngest also play soccer and it is their favorite sport. I am coaching my youngest daughter’s team again as we move up to the U-7 bracket. Stay tuned for more proud Daddy news on this blog 🙂

  1. #1 by Barbara on July 11, 2005 - 20:03

    I’m a grandmother of soccer players! My daughter has 4 children and all have played soccer. Her oldest son will be a JR in HS this year, and is into football and basketball. But, Mom says he’ll be playing Varsity Soccer this Spring, also.

    Her only daughter will be a sophomore in HS, and this will be her third year on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team. She was named Number One player on her team, and was the top scorer for the year. She also made a Premier soccer traveling team last year, but chose not to play. She made the same team this year and will be playing in the fall. She started playing soccer young, on a mixed-sex team, and she was as good as the boys!

    The two younger boys, ages 9 and 11 have always played above their ages. The 11 year old played on the Y-14 team this year for City League. All of the children started very young in this sport and love it.

    Keep us informed on your daughter’s soccer achievements. Sounds like she is going to be a great player, and perhaps in the running for a scholarship, when she’s ready for college! I think this is one of the greatest sports for both boys and girls.

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