Opera 8 for Series 60 released and Palm backup solutions expand

Opera is churning out the version 8 browsers and just released one for Symbian Series 60 devices. I installed it on my Nokia 7610, but now I can no longer surf any website. I keep getting a proxy error timeout and cannot find any settings that might help me with this. Opera 6.2 was working fine before I installed version 8 so I may have to go back to 6.2 if I can’t find a solution to this problem.

There was also a new backup solution released for Palm Powered devices today from Resco. I just posted a recent review on Geek.com for TealBackup and will now review Resco Palm Backup and BlueNomad’s BackupBuddy to try to give readers of Geek.com an opportunity to see what many of the available solutions are. I actually rarely even use my Tungsten T3, except for review purposes since I am quite happy with the Dell Axim X50v.

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