What do I carry on a daily basis?

I often wonder what other geeks use as their daily devices and just wanted to let my readers know what is regularly in my pocket nowadays. You will find the Nokia 7610 and Tungsten T3, or Dell X50v, with me most of the time. I went back to the Nokia 7610 after my wife’s MPx220 died again and like the Bluetooth drivers, high quality camera, and long battery life of the 7610. I have actually been using the T3 more than the X50v lately primarily due to the excellent Agendus Mail application that allows me to check and download emails from all my accounts with a single tap of an icon. Windows Mobile devices require me to switch to each account first and then tap to download emails. My T3 is also snappier and quite stable where sometimes my X50v locks up for no apparent reason.

I have been thinking about the LifeDrive or Tungsten T5 lately due to the NVFS storage and fact that I have had the T3 fo over a year now and that is a long time for me when it comes to mobile devices. I just participated in a Microsoft Usability study and have added some cash to my PayPal PDA fund as a result of selling the software online. Any readers have an opinion on either device or should I just hold out until something else comes along.

  1. #1 by Unknown on July 20, 2005 - 23:09

    I’d wait – listening to Jeff Kirvin, there might well be a new Tungsten (7? XX?) this autumn/November. If so, hang on for that or see how the price of the T5 (and maybe Life Drive) drops.
    Here in the UK, I was desparate for an i-mate JAM so got a new phone contract whilst my old one (Orange) still has 2 months to go. Now Orange has just announced there own version of the JAM, looks better!! So by not waiting 4 weeks, I’ve wasted money and had to change mobile number. Believe me, patience can be a virtue!


  2. #2 by phil on July 21, 2005 - 06:03

    Have you considered a treo650? I have found it to be amazing.

  3. #3 by Antoine on July 21, 2005 - 07:36

    I am with Phil; that Treo 650 is seeming like the better device for you.

    But considering the LD or T5, I’d personally say the T5. Battery life, stable finally, and just enough space to not have your life with you. Its solid for me. And combined with my T616 and Palm keyboard, it makes for a nice mobile office. The LD would be a nice office as wel, but I think that having a hard drive encourages having more things on your device than you would need.

  4. #4 by palmsolo on July 21, 2005 - 08:25

    I had a Treo 650 and really enjoyed using it except for the low phone call volume and speakerphone volume and the random resets that would occur with the device off. It wasn’t stable enough at the time so I let it go.

    I’ll most likely wait and see what the fall brings in. A T5 with integrated WiFi would be nice.

  5. #5 by Mike on July 21, 2005 - 18:46

    I carry a Treo 650 these days myself. The phone volume is fine indoors, much to be desired in a public setting like a super market — in which case I turn on the speakerphone to force crank the volume. That said, it’s been great device. I love the ability of being able to turn the phone part off while leaving the pda functionality like alarms on. E-books are nice too.

  6. #6 by Mike on July 21, 2005 - 19:01

    To your question: if you don’t have an iPod, I think the lifeDrive is awful tempting … but I think the T5 with free wifi card is a better/more practical deal for most geeks.

  7. #7 by Kristofer on July 22, 2005 - 05:54

    I have a T5 and don’t think it’s worth getting the Lifedrive if you don’t desperately need the hard drive.

    Believers’ wear

  8. #8 by kevin on July 23, 2005 - 10:15

    i wouldnt bother with the lifedrive if you plan on using it as an mp3 player. music stored on the internal drive skips intermittently and can drive u up the wall within an hour. as for the treo 650, with the new software update and volume care installed, its by far the best smartphone available today imo

  9. #9 by Kerry on July 23, 2005 - 21:29

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  10. #10 by CroCo on July 24, 2005 - 08:17

    I carry my TH55-always. Even on my last hiking trip through the north of sweden. Made it possivle to check my digital images every now and then and dump the blury ones.
    I only have a quite old mobile phone, since I do not need to make a lot of phonecalls. Luckily it has a Ir-port, unfotunately it is very slow which makes email checking via PDA-mobile phone a painstaking slow process, which I only do when I am VERY desperate:-). Maybe I should upgrade to a bluetooth enabled phone… .
    OFF topic:
    Palmsolo, how is the PSP? You have both PSP and the nintendo DS. I would be interested in a small mini-review, comparison betrween the two. Would you mind?

  11. #11 by Kerry on July 24, 2005 - 20:29

    For phone calls, I carry a Motorola Razr V3. For music, I carry my iPod Mini (6 gig). I can sync contacts and calendar events to both. I also have a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, but I cannot currentlly get it to sync up with the Mac. I am still working with it.

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