SanDisk service ROCKS and my Penn & Teller showing

I mentioned some customer service experiences I recently went through and just received a replacement 1GB Memory Stick Duo from SanDisk. Their online system was a pleasure to use and they replaced my dead Memory Stick with no questions asked. I still don’t quite understand how the card could get corrupted so easily, but at least SanDisk stands by their products. I can now load up the episodes of Buck Rogers, Stargate, and BattleStar Galactica that I have been recording on my desktop PC using Beyond TV and the excellent PSP Movie Creator software.

BTW, my Penn & Teller Bulls%#t episode, The Best, will be airing a few times next week, starting with August 1st at 10:00pm Pacific Time. I am going to try to record it on my computer so I can digitally edit out all the profanity and share it with family and friends.

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