The iPod Shuffle is very cool

I recently ranted about my daughter’s iPod Mini static issue on and just ended up sending the Mini off to for service. I should hear back from them tomorrow about the problem and see what the cost is to fix it. I was pretty ticked at Apple for the poor construction of the Mini since my daughter probably only used it for less than 50 hours over the last year and it spent most of its time in her drawer. I was thinking of personally boycotting them as a result, but I have owned Apple products since 1989 and that was just unreasonable.

My wife loved using the Mini in her car to take along her iTunes purchased and ripped music and as a result I bought her a 1GB iPod Shuffle yesterday for her birthday. CompUSA had a deal for $130 and a $15 iTunes gift card. The store I went to did not have any more gift cards so they just took another $15 off the iPod Shuffle making it $115 for a 1GB model. I brought it home and gave it to her and then set it up with her music and so far she has about 160 songs with about half the Shuffle full. I have to admit Apple makes some incredible products and the Shuffle continues that tradition with an amazingly small and functional flash digital music player. I am impressed by its size and simple operation, which is perfect for my wife’s use in her car where she used to spend way too much time looking at the iPod Mini’s display and selecting songs. I am now testing out a cassette adapter and should be reviewing a FM transmitter for as well as an aluminum Shuffle case to protect the Shuffle while in her car. My middle daughter loved the Shuffle and said she may be asking Santa for one this Christmas. Shoot, I may be asking Santa for one for myself too 🙂

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