The Zodiac is dead and Tapwave leaves customers hanging

After reading an interview from Scott on Tapland a few months ago we knew that Tapwave was changing the focus of its business and that the Zodiac had a limited lifespan. However, it was quite a shock to see on their website this morning that all support and service were discontinued back on Monday, 25 July. Don’t you think it would have been nice to give people a week or two as a heads up as to what was going on? Man, talk about a horrible way for a company to treat the diehards that stuck with the Zodiac. This is really made more disappointing by the fact that many applications have to be signed by Tapwave and that is no longer going to happen so people are stuck with whatever they purchased and cannot install new Tapwave optimized apps like the nWeb browser, etc. and cannot transfer those applications to another device. This also opens up many questions about devices that were sent in for repair/replacement and those that recently received a RMA and didn’t send it back in yet. And just think, I almost bought another Zodiac at CompUSA instead of the PSP a couple months back. We may see these going up on ebay soon, but I will be avoiding the temptation primarily due to the proprietary signing of applications strategy.

  1. #1 by Pocketfactory on July 28, 2005 - 14:21

    Well, it’s important to keep in mind that Tapwave has gone bankrupt. Technically they no longer exist. Uecker & Associates are handling the cleanup process which includes RMA units. But a dead company can’t support its products.

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