Forecast: Sunny with low gadget use

It has been beautiful, mid to upper 80s, here in Western Washington so I have been outside enjoying my family and the weather. I have hardly touched my devices and haven’t been geeking out at all. We just picked up a boat we bought after searching the awesome Craigslist site and spent both Saturday and Sunday out on the water. I am quite sore today after skiing and kneeboarding in some fairly rough water. Since it was so nice there were quite a few other boats out and about as well and I look forward to glassier conditions for some slalom skiing. My oldest daughter did very well on the tube and held on like a champ! Now when everyone finds out I am a ship designer and asks if I have a boat I can actually say “Yes”.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 10, 2005 - 08:38

    HI PalmSolo. I guess you have taken notive of EDGE, a diablo-like game for the palmOS. And perhaps you have visited the forum. Well if you have not:
    the developer would like to borrow a windows mobile device for some debugging under StyleTap. Since I noticed you are very enthusiastic about trying out new stuff and have a lot of mobile devices you might want to pay the forum a visit and see what you can do:
    best regards,

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