Reserve a Windows Mobile Treo for me please

The news just keeps on coming out about the Windows Mobile Palm Inc. Treo device that once was a rumor, but now has been confirmed by videos, photos, and news that HTC will be manufacturing the device with a 1st quarter 2006 release. I was thinking about picking up a Palm Powered Treo 650 or a i-mate SP3i recently, but now I am saving up for this Windows Mobile Treo or maybe the Motorola Q. I find Windows Mobile to be more stable and functional than the Palm Garnet OS and am afraid the Palm OS as we know it today won’t be around much longer. I will have to keep my Tungsten T3 going so it can join my Newton in the PDA archives. I am not sure how Palm Linux will do, but it will be tough competing with a Windows Mobile OS that keeps getting better all the time.

I think the Treo 650 is a great piece of hardware and am very happy to see that Palm will be putting Windows Mobile on it. The HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger 6700 series looks interesting, but HPs Phone Edition devices haven’t been the best quality models out there while HTC makes some very nice products. The Motorola Q also looks like a great device and with Windows Mobile 5.0 it may not have as limiting an OS as the Smartphones currently do. This device will also tempt me in 2006 and I can’t wait to see all these Windows Mobile 5.0 products available for purchasing.

I remember back when Palm was king and people laughed at the Pocket PC platform. Now Windows Mobile is taking over the market and Palm is sitting back getting passed up by innovation from Windows Mobile manufacturers. There is still millions who buy the Palm products like the Tungsten E2, but as Palm, Inc. tries out Windows Mobile on a Treo we may see those days being numbered. I believe a Windows Mobile Treo will be quite successful if HTC can take the same hardware and get Windows Mobile well integrated into the device.

  1. #1 by Mike on August 11, 2005 - 22:51

    It would be a little tough for me to go from 320×320 to 240×240. I’m definitely intrigued by Windows Mobile, but I’m wondering if the neat factor would fade after a couple of weeks.

    If Palm could design the treo to be a tad thinner without giving up the awesome battery life, well, it would be rather sweet. Wifi would be pretty nice as well.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on August 11, 2005 - 23:04

    I agree with Mike, a 240×240 display doesn’t appeal. I currently have an iMate JAM and a smaller pixel count seems a backwards step.
    The Motorola Q also doesn’t appeal. I had the C500 and found the SMartphone OS to be too limiting; I may not use Word & Excel a lot, but when I want them, I want them! Having a stripped down OS and a thumb-board strikes me as a waste of space.


  3. #3 by palmsolo on August 12, 2005 - 06:34

    Yes, I didn’t think much about the screen resolution. It is beautiful on the Treo 650. I want to be able to have my email being downloaded and then go and edit a Word document while copying and pasting text from a web browser and always be able to go back to the exact state where I was and Palm doesn’t do that well right now.

    From what I understand the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS blurs the lines between Smartphone and Pocket PC so we may see a stronger OS in Smartphones like the Q, which would make it more compelling for me.

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