Received new Phone Edition device to review

David from Mad Monkey Boy’s Gadgets just sent me a new TORQ P100 Phone Edition device to review for He was the guy who sent along the JAM last time and is a guy I highly recommend people visit to purchase unlocked devices from because he is trustworthy and has some of the best prices on the net.

So I charged up the TORQ last night and then played with it a bit to see if it would pick up a T-Mobile signal at my house. It had no problems at all and actually kept a steady 2 bars, which is excellent considering a couple months ago I had zero signal at my house. I then set an alarm for the morning and was pleased when it actually worked and woke me up.

The TORQ is bigger than the JAM, but has quite a good software and utility suite included with the device and a large capacity 1440 mAh battery. I also read online that the TORQ would get a Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade where i-mate has confirmed that the JAM will not. The TORQ has 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM so it has an excellent configuration for the new OS and memory handling capability. I’ll update my blog with impressions as I test it out some more.

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