A reflection on my mobile device history

It has been a while since I purchased a new mobile device and I am building up my PayPal account for a Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition device to purchase later this fall/winter and the HTC Wizard is heading up the list at this time. As I was looking around online at devices that may warrant my funds, I bumped into some ads for old devices I had and considered picking one up again.

Here is a chronological list of my mobile device history starting in 1997, not counting my Sony PSP or Fujitsu Tablet PC: US Robotics Pilot 1000, Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIc, Newton MP130, Jornada 548, iPAQ 6300, Jornada 568, Palm Vx, Newton MP2000, Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, CLIE T615C, CLIE NR70, CLIE NX70, Dell Axim X5, iPAQ 3970, iPAQ 1910, Nokia 3650, T-Mobile Sidekick, iPAQ 2215, iPAQ 1945, CLIE TG50, CLIE NX80, CLIE UX50, Motorola MPx200, Jornada 720, Tapwave Zodiac2, Tungsten T3, Orange SPV E200, CLIE UX50, CLIE UX40, iPAQ 4350, MDA II, Dell Axim X30, Zaurus C760, T-Mobile MDA III, Tungsten T3, Dell Axim X50v, i-mate PDA2K, Orange C500, Motorola MPx220, Newton MP2100, Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, i-mate JAM, Nokia 7610.

Each of these devices stirs up some great memories and I will have to document their stories soon before I get too old and forget the story behind each one. It would have been great to keep them all in a PDA history collection, but the only way I was able to move through so many was by selling off the older ones and upgrading to the newer ones so it wasn’t financially possible for me to keep them. I owned a couple of devices multiple times (UX50, Apple Newton MP2000/2100 and Sharp Zaurus SL-5500) for different reasons. Looking back over this list, I really do miss the CLIE NX70/80 and UX50 devices. Sony made some wonderful devices that appealed to us high end users with tons of features and high quality design. I also miss my Jornada 568 a bit since I had that one for quite a long time (10 months or so) and it was one of my favorites. I have owned the Tungsten T3 the longest, something like a year and a half.

Here is a list of what I currently own: Dell Axim X50v, Tungsten T3, Nokia 7610, Nokia 3650, Newton MP2100, Sharp Zaurus SL-5500.

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