Day 2 with the TORQ: I'll be skipping the purchase myself

OK, I have now had a full day of using the TORQ P100 as my only mobile device and have to say that I personally will not be purchasing one myself and will be waiting for the JAM 2 (HTC Wizard). The TORQ is a bit too thick and feels like I am holding a bar of soap when I am on calls. So far though, the worst feature is that the speakerphone volume, onboard speaker volume, and volume through a Bluetooth headset is way too low. I use a Cardo Scala 500 Bluetooth headset with my devices and usually have to turn the volume down on the headset since it is so loud. However, with the TORQ I have it turned up all the way and can only hear the phone conversation in a quiet environment. Even while driving with the radio off I can’t hear the phone conversation well enough to be acceptable. Low volume was a big issue with the Treo 650 and I won’t accept a phone device without good volume levels.

The Voice Commander software works well and allows me to operate the device through a Bluetooth headset, which I haven’t seen or heard of in any other Palm or Pocket PC device.

The camera is 1.3 megapixel, but appears to be worse than the VGA one on the Treo 650. The 1.3 megapixel camera on my Nokia 7610 blows it away. The flash is also basically useless.

T-Mobile reception continues to be fine for me, but this morning while connected via GPRS in the vanpool the device kept dropping the connection and a notification appeared giving me an error notice. I soft reset the device and it did it a couple more times before keeping the connection going.

I also missed several calls yesterday because the phone vibrated only and did not ring even though I had the ring and vibrate setting enabled. Also, the missed call and voicemail notification bubble were messed up and just had several small squares in a single horizontal line appearing. The ringer volume could also be louder on the device.

There are some great software utilities that are included, but the quality of the hardware is not as great as that seen on HTC devices like the JAM.

Stay tuned for my full review and more comments on my blog.

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