Maloree is a SUPERSTAR!!!!

My middle daughter, Maloree, tried out for and was selected to play on a select soccer team, the FC Royals. What made this team a bit special was that almost all the girls were 8 or 9 years old when they started and they are playing against 10 and 11 year olds. They took 2nd in their last tournament after winning every game in the qualifying rounds, losing 2-1 to the NK Illusion. Well we just went to another tournament this weekend in Shelton and again they were undefeated in the qualifying round and again faced the NK Illusion in the championship game. The FC Royals won that game 3-2 and took home the honors of 1st place.

Maloree was one of two girls selected as a player of the tourney and I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments. She was playing in a new position, sweeper (the last person defending the goal in front of the keeper), and did very well even with all the pressure of the games.

This team is amazing, especially when you consider they are playing girls 1 to 2 years older than them and still beating them. Look for this team to go far over the years and see more proud papa moments on my blog 🙂

  1. #1 by Aunt Mardene on August 22, 2005 - 20:19

    WOW! There is alot to be proud of Matt. The Lord has really blessed you….I will be watching your blog from now on and thanks for letting me know about it. Maloree, You go girl!!!!

    Love, Aunt Mardene

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