TORQ P100 performing quite well with further testing

I wanted to really test the TORQ P100 out a bit more this weekend and it was the only mobile phone I used all weekend. I was amazed that I had any reception out in Elma and Shelton, WA since these towns are quite small and are not that close to I-5. The TORQ gave me 2 to 3 bars, out of 4, most all weekend and worked like a champ.

I also found out that it rings fine while plugged into the cradle or cable and have to test out the vibrate only mode a bit more to see if that is the only minor bug regarding this situation.

I also tested it with my Cardo Scala 500 Bluetooth headset and it still doesn’t seem loud enough. I then tried it with my GN Netcom 6210 (same as Jabra BT250) headset and it works perfectly. I actually get much louder volume on the 6210 then I have had with this headset using any other Bluetooth enable phone device.

The more I test out the TORQ the more and more tempting it is to pick it up since the specs are quite good (400 MHz processor, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, etc.) and it will be getting a Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade. I hope to finish testing things out at the end of this week, along with my decision of whether to purchase this unit or wait for the JAM 2 with integrated thumb keyboard.

My current reservation in regards to the JAM 2 is that I heard it will have a slow processor and Microsoft’s integration of thumb keyboards still concerns me. Now a Treo running Windows Mobile with good thumb keyboard integration would be outstanding.

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