Let's throw the HTC Wizard into my decision mix

I played with the P910a a bit more at lunch and figured out I can use the jog wheel for several things when the keypad/keyboard is flipped close. It actually does have the “smart dialing” feature in this flip closed mode so that is very nice. Speaker and speakerphone volume are outstanding and I have been at almost full bars for reception with T-Mobile since I have been using the device.

I heard that the HTC Wizard (JAM 2) may be coming out in the next couple of weeks and so now I am throwning that device into the mix with the TORQ P100 and SE P910. The Wizard has a thumb keyboard and WiFi integrated in a form factor that looks to be about the same as the TORQ. The TORQ is rumored to get a WM 5.0 upgrade, but it doesn’t have an additional two hardware keys to activate the “Smartphone-like” soft keys in Windows Mobile 5.0. However, the TORQ does have a zippy Samsung 400 MHz processor while the Wizard has a TI OMAP 850 195 MHz processor, which concerns me at this time. Granted, processor speed isn’t always the best indicator of speed, but the lame HP 6315 had a TI OMAP 200 MHz processor from an older generation and it was a dog. If the processor performs well, then I imagine you would get some good battery savings from it as well.

As you may know, I am quite the thumb keyboard fan and the Treo 650 really does have a very nice form factor that sets the bar for good design, in my opinion. When I had the JAM and PDA2K I said I wanted to see a slide out keyboard that I could use in landscape mode and here it is in the Wizard. Then again, if I have to pull out the stylus to access bottom menus, etc. then the keyboard gets used less and less. I RARELY even used the stylus with the Treo 650 and loved that functionality.

WiFi is nice, but I really only use it at home and have a Dell Axim X50v with VGA display and Tablet PC to cover that use so WiFi really isn’t that big of a deal for me.

It sounds like it is time for me to setup a spreadsheet to compare the choices. I am not considering the HTC Universal after playing with one at Microsoft because I don’t like the keyboard design and want something more pocketable.

Shoot, maybe I should just go back to the Treo 650 🙂

  1. #1 by Mike on August 23, 2005 - 18:42

    Usually with a pda or phone, I love it at first and my interest starts to wane until I need another new gadget fix. The treo 650 has been my only device that has grown stronger after time — maybe understandable with the bad volume I experienced before the patch! Anyway, I’ve started reading e-books (again) on it and it’s been great. … Just today I had to enter some new contacts, and it was a breeze with the keyboard. I like how the software automatically switches between alpha and numeric depending on the type of field (name or number). The treo 650 has worked well for me.

    I would love to have a VGA PPC for like you suggest home fiddling around. The extra screen and wifi would be great for reading late at night.

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