Decisions made on mobile devices

I actually read a bit through the manual for the SE P910 and found out the jog dial was a 5-way dial that moved forward and backward. I was then able to use it to access lots of menus and run almost everything right from the jog dial itself. This bumped the P910 back up in my evaluation at first.

I then went ahead an initiated a return because this smartphone is tri-band and with the salvage work that I may be doing overseas I want to have a quad-band device to cover all my bases. Also, there will be an upgraded UIQ device coming out since the P910 has been out now for close to a year and I want to stick with the latest technology, even if the P910 is a rock solid workhorse. I have to say that T-Mobile reception was incredible with it though.

I also decided to return the TORQ P100 after my review period is up even though it too is an awesome device. I actually like it better than the JAM due to the much better Bluetooth stack and support, faster processor, larger ROM area, nice software suite, and loud speaker volume. If I didn’t have an Axim X50v getting WM 5.0 then I would definitely buy the TORQ.

I am still considering the Wizard, but will have to check one out first to say for sure and David may be sending me one for review in the next couple of weeks. The awesome Treo 650 also keeps popping back into my head and I am going to try to resist that temptation and hold out for an upgraded, rumored Treo 670 or even Windows Mobile Treo.

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