Huge review queue, PPC judging, traffic court

Boy do I have a ton of stuff to review right now. Proporta just sent me a couple of cases for the PSP to check out and I have about 20 other things in my review queue. My full review of the TORQ P100 is 95% complete and will be up on early next week. It is so great to be able to check out so many of the latest devices and software for and I appreciate the opportunity that Joel has given me. By the way, I just passed my 4 year anniversary writing for and can’t believe how fast the time has flown by.

I also have to finish judging software for the 2005 Pocket PC Magazine Awards and plan on knocking that out this weekend with some very late nights. I dropped the Smartphone categories since I really don’t have access to a reliable Smartphone. I just read that T-Mobile may be getting the excellent HTC Tornado in October though and may sign up for another yearly contract and use my upgrade discount to buy this QVGA Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Oh yeah, I also have to go to traffic court this morning to explain my actions from when I turned right on red like you normally can do at most stop lights. This is my first time there, I have never even been pulled over in 20+ years of driving, and just want the ticket off my record so it remains super clean and insurance doesn’t go up. I am fine with being on probation for 6 months or whatever because if I went 20 years without a ticket I doubt I will have a problem going for 6 months without one. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I was surprised there was no general courtroom or anything. I just went into an office with a magistrate and told him my story. He deferred my ticket and fine for 1 year and as long as I don’t get any tickets then it will never show up on my record. However, I did have to pay $100 for Seattle Municipal court fees 😦 I may have to now slow down a bit in the vanpool, which is the only time I drive faster than 5mph over the speed limit.

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