Cingular or T-Mobile this fall?

I wrote up a PDAGeek blurb today discussing a choice I have to make between Cingular and T-Mobile this fall. I was leaning heavily towards Cingular with their EDGE support, rollover minutes, Treo 650, and iTunes Motorola phone, but now that T-Mobile is rolling out EDGE soon, will have some very nice HTC Windows Mobile devices, and have been great at customer service for me personally I am favoring T-Mobile heavily. I wouldn’t have to go through any number migration or other activation fees, etc. and T-Mobile coverage has greatly improved where I can now use my phone at my home.

Anyone have any opinion on either provider? I won’t switch to Verizon with their EV-DO because I need the flexibility of switching phone models that I get with my SIM card.

  1. #1 by Antoine on September 1, 2005 - 10:06

    I am on Cingular, and now with my [new to me] Treo 600 I like the EDGE speeds and my data plan works great. I went from my SE T616 to teh Treo so there wasnt any issues there.

    Overall, I have had a great time with Cingular. Some dropped calls in the more analog areas, but other than that, I have had excellent service.

  2. #2 by Mike on September 1, 2005 - 19:27

    I’m on T-mobile. I have a hard time justifying getting off since their prices are so good. And this in spite of getting poor cell coverage at home. Customer service has been very good. They took care of me when I had two bum Motorola phones.

    Cingular and Verizon gear up for business clients. Their coverage is by far the best and you will pay for it as well. If I needed it for my own business or the company was springing, I’d go with these guys.

    I agree it’s really convenient to have a SIM card to swap phones. I keep a second phone for backup in case anything happens to my treo.

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