Pray for those in the Louisiana and Mississippi

We have all heard the news and seen the devastation left by Katrina down in the Gulf Coast area and I have been praying for the people down there as the situation seems to get worse day by day. I just want to post a reminder to pray for those affected and do what you can to help by donating to the Red Cross or other relief agency working to help people in the region.

I see that the USCG and National Guard are working hard to save people stranded by the flooding and ask that you pray for their protection as desperate people start to do desperate things like today’s reports of shooting at the rescue helicopters. It is sad to see such tragedy and makes us all examine our own lives and what is important in them a little more.

  1. #1 by Mike on September 1, 2005 - 19:09

    Well said. I’m praying the death count isn’t near what the mayor has suggested (scary and sad).

    Watching my kids see this flood on tv, reminded me a little bit of being a kid and seeing the ashes from Mt. Saint Helen fall on cars also on our tv. It’s kind of like their turn of seeing an unbelievable natural catastrophe.

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