The Miller girls are soccer defenders

Man, my middle daughter’s FC Royals 94 Royal soccer team is something special. As I stated before, the girls are playing up a couple years already and then this past weekend they were put up another year into a U-12 bracket. My daughter just recently turned 9 and was playing against 12 year olds. It was a David and Goliath game in their 4th game, which they tied 1 to 1 after another goal was taken away due to an offsides call. This amazing team made it to the finals and unfortunately lost 2-0. They gave it their all and I cannot imagine how good they will be when they are actually playing at their age level. Watch out Washington, the FC Royals 94 team will be the one to beat in a few years!

My oldest daughter also had a soccer tourney, the Puyallup Valley Kickoff, this past weekend. She is playing on a team that is a mixture of two teams from last year so they are still trying to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Their first two games were tough and our defense was getting hammered. The coach moved the girls around a bit and their last game ended in a 0-0 tie and was a great battle. My daughter played forward for the first two games and then moved back on defense and did very well.

I also had a practice game with my youngest daughter who I coach in a U-8 league. She too is an excellent defender and it must run in the family since I played 6 years of youth soccer and was a defensive player. The forwards may score the goals, but defense wins championships (or something like that).

The regular season now kicks off this weekend and life will be quite busy for the next few months with Saturdays being spent at the soccer pitch.

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