I am now addicted to Word Watch

I review quite a bit of software for Geek.com and get even more requests that I just can’t keep up with. I finally loaded up my Treo 650 with lots of games and some of them I will be reviewing. One game that I played this morning and I am doing pretty well with is Word Watch from Smart Box Design. I am up to level 4 and am surprised how addicting this game really can be. You have to unscramble the letters to make words and if you can’t use all the letters then you do the best you can. However, if there are any letters left they they drop down into the red letter area. If you get over 8 red letters then the game is over, but there are opportunities to reduce the red letters with bonus rounds that appear if you make a word with all the letters. I enjoy games that I can play for 5-10 minutes and then pick up again, but the first time I played Word Watch I couldn’t put down my Treo and played for 20.

I also loaded up Farkle, WordPop!, and Triples and plan on reviewing Triples and Word Watch for Geek.com. I already Farkle back in January.

In addition to the extremely entertaining and challenging games, it is nice to know that Smart Box Design is run by a great person, Todd Sherman. Todd works here in my local area and is an active participant and board member of our local handheld user group. He has a blog where it is interesting to read about some of the thought process behind his games. Todd is a great guy and listens to user feedback when designing and updating his games. I recommend you visit Smart Box Design and give these games a try.

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