Loading up Laridian volumes on my SD card

I was blessed to be asked to participate as a VIP by Laridian and have the opportunity to check out their products, including pre-release titles. Laridian develops and sells Biblical texts, dictionaries, devotionals, and more for mobile devices. You can buy Laridian products for Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, and now the Apple iPod. The MyBible 4 program I have loaded on my Treo 650 right now is from Laridian. I have been a user of their products for a number of years and absolutely love their PocketBible program for Windows Mobile devices.

Now that I am getting into using the Treo 650 more I just loaded 3 Bible translations, four dictionaries, some commentaries, and 4 daily devotionals on my 512MB SD card. I also like to use their Memorize application and Prayer Partner utility. It is so awesome to be able to carry all of these wonderful references and Bible translations on a small mobile device with instant access. If I had separate paper volumes of everything on my device it would easily be over 25-30 pounds and quite cumbersome.

Laridian recently started selling the iPocketBible product that gives you MP3s of the entire New Living Translation and text files that appear on your iPod display. I just put several chapters of Genesis on my Treo 650s SD card and plan on loading iPocketBible on my daughter’s iPod mini so she can listen to it and follow along. What a cool way to get into reading and listening to the Bible!

  1. #1 by Mike on September 13, 2005 - 17:27

    Looks like you’re back into the Treo swing of things with a vengeance. Nice to read how you are taking advantage of the device.

    I think pda’s as reference tools are just great. I had my doubts that the small treo screen was going to be adequate for e-books, but it hasn’t disappointed — in fact, I enjoy reading on my treo very much.

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