iambic releases Agendus 10 for Palm devices

I always load an integrated PIM application on my devices and was pleased when I read that iambic released Agendus 10 today. There are a ton of new features and I just loaded the trial on my device to check some of them out. I really like the ability to record voice notes in Memos since my Treo 650 doesn’t come with a voice recorder application loaded on it. The Trip Wizard would have came in handy with my quick Houston business trip I took yesterday too. Better hyperlink support should come in very handy on my Treo 650.

I tried DateBk5 in the past, but it seemed to focus on the Calendar aspects more than integrating everything else (contacts, memos/notes, task, etc.) and I just like the GUI of Agendus better. I also use Agendus Mail SSL so that integrates nicely with Agendus, although the mail program has not been updated with the new Agendus 10 icons.

Agendus Mail and Agendus Mail SSL version 4.3 was also released today and it now includes full integration with Agendus Pro 10 and the new icon setup. It is much more dpad friendly and ROCKS on my Treo 650. Way to go iambic!

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