Solitude noise cancelling headphones ROCK on the flight to Houston

I have always used earbud type headphones to listen to tunes, podcasts, and watch movies on my devices and never gave much thought to the regular headphone models. I received an email from a PR representative for the Solitude Active Noise Cancellation Headset asking if I wanted to check out a pair of them for I am open to trying new gadgets and agreed to test out a pair with my devices. I am putting together a full review for that should be posted next week, but wanted to give you some intitial thoughts.

I tried them out first with my Sony PSP and was very impressed with the volume and rich sound. I then turned on the active noise cancellation and was in another world. I was next to a busy highway watching my daughter’s soccer practice and after turning on the noise cancellation there was complete silence. I then played Ridge Racer and was able to get the full sound and music effects. I then was lucky enough to have a business trip scheduled in Houston so I could test out the headphones on the airplane. WOW, sound doesn’t get any better than that did. I listened to podcasts, played games and then watched the inflight movie (using the two prong adapter included with the headphones). They may cost $200, but if you travel and want silence on the plane without all that constant background noise you need to give these a go. Stay tuned for my full review next week on

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