PDA Geeks love the fall season

As a mobile device fan you just have to love the anticipation and excitement that we tend to see each fall when all kinds of new mobile gadgets are announced and released. I just submitted a blurb for Geek.com linking to Mobile-Review.com’s details on the upcoming Palm Z22 and TX. These both look like nice solid PDAs and the $130 color model is sure to be a great seller in stores like Target. The TX, basically a T5 with integrated WiFi and half the memory, looks like a nice update for my Tungsten T3. However, I will be sticking with the Treo and would only get the TX if I went with a Windows Mobile Treo 700w so I could have at least one Palm Powered device for review purposes.

I am sure we haven’t even seen all that HP and others have up their sleeves for a fall/winter release either and look forward to this holiday season.

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