Last day at the fair and Nano purchased for my wife

We went to the fair one last time on Sunday since it was the very last day and we had a couple free tickets left to use. We spent 10 hours going crazy on the rides last week (check out my Treo 650 photo blog for some images) and yesterday wanted to just walk around and see the exhibits and animals. We ended up buying one of those super ladders since we have been struggling with junky loaned ones the last 4 years and are planning on painting our house this spring.

I then went over to my buddy’s house and was shown a non-working Motorola Q device. The form factor is very slim and the keyboard felt decent. I personally feel a bit too limited with the Smartphone OS since I am quite a power user and will take a look at the Treo 700w. For those looking primarily at a phone, the Q looks like the Smartphone to get though.

I also bought his extra 4GB Black iPod Nano for my wife using PDA funds I was saving for something like the Wizard. Apple definitely has the market on style and design and this thing is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how small it is and how much they packed into the device. I loaded up her 1.3 GB collection and some photos and she plans on using it today. I did read that many people are scratching the screen on the device so I am leaving the plastic on the front until I can find a case or screen protector for it. I don’t want a case to take away from the slim design though and am thinking about using a PDA screen protector cut down just to cover the color display part of the Nano.

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