Palm and Microsoft on the same stage, a historic day for mobile geeks!

I just finished watching the Palm, Microsoft, and Verizon press conference announcing the upcoming Windows Mobile Treo and have to say I think this is a good move for everyone, even PalmSource/ACCESS.

The Treo is an extremely popular piece of hardware and I couldn’t be happier with my Treo 650. I highly doubt I will give it up for quite some time and the specs Engadget showed last week don’t make it very compelling for me to switch to the Windows Mobile Treo anytime soon. The screen resolution is disappointing, but then again the Treo 600 was as well so maybe the second iteration of the device will improve on this. Microsoft needs to get 320×320 working in WM 5.0 first or else 480×480 needs to look good on the device. I do like that the WM Treo can use a SD WiFi card if you want since that is always a nice option. I am very happy with EDGE on my Treo 650 and use my Tablet for WiFi surfing so it isn’t that vital of a feature though.

I think all the media attention on this new announcement may get more people looking at the Treo 650 as well. Once they do some comparisons they will see it is a very capable device and very snappy. I wonder how fast the WM Treo will be at switching apps, etc. since I have always found Palm devices to be faster than Windows Mobile devices. I do hope Palm and PalmSource/ACCESS continue to work together and come out with a Treo running Cobalt to give us multi-tasking and other features that may really blur the lines between Windows Mobile and Palm.

It looks like Palm was able to get the WM Treo working quite well with the keyboard in Windows Mobile 5.0 and I can’t wait to actually try one of these babies out. I thought it was funny that the demo guy had real phone numbers for Bill and Ed on his device. TreoCentral was able to get several questions in and that was some great free advertising for the site. I have to say that today is truly a historic mement for the mobile device industry and it is surreal seeing Palm and Microsoft logos with Bill Gates and Ed Colligan on the same stage. I knew that eventually Microsoft would gain marketshare in the mobile world, but they did it faster than I thought they would. I think this is a smart move for Palm Inc. and look forward to future devices too.

  1. #1 by Mike on September 26, 2005 - 13:41

    I am excited over it for the same reasons you are. I can’t wait to see what kind of custom apps Palm delivers with it giving it a unique experience.

    That said, I’m disappointed that Palm is pulling a Microsoft. I believe they are pre-announcing the release in order to attempt to freeze the market from going to blackberries or hp mobile devices.

    BTW, I was at Oracle OpenWorld this past week. You couldn’t believe the number of blackberries and treos I saw in the crowd (i’ll give a slight unscientific edge to the blackberries). I didn’t see to many vanilla pda’s but I suppose that is a sign of the times.

  2. #2 by Mike on September 26, 2005 - 19:18

    I just finished viewing the press announcement. I really like that Palm was able to add its own finishing touches to Microsoft’s apps. I have to say it looks like it could be a winner. Give MS credit for opening up the os.

    Looks like this tag-team effort is squarely targeted at RIM. It’s going to be tough for RIM with Microsoft giving away the server connectivity.

  3. #3 by palmsolo on September 27, 2005 - 12:28

    You know I really don’t see what is so special about a BlackBerry. Yes, it does PUSH email, but you can get that now with other devices and an ActiveSync server application. Plus, the Treo can do so much more than the proprietary BlackBerry devices. The BB 7100t helped boost their sales last year, but with a Palm and Windows Mobile Treo on the market RIM better watch out.

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