PSHUG meeting tonight, demoing WM 5.0 and more

We have our monthly PSHUG meeting tonight and I was able to make room in my busy soccer schedule to attend the meeting so I can show Windows Mobile 5.0 on the Dell Axim X51v. I also will have the X50v, my trusty Treo 650, and a Palm LifeDrive on hand for people to check out if they want. I highly recommend everyone attend that can since I understand Todd Sherman will be giving out registration codes for the new Windows Mobile version of Farkle.

Next week I will be at the Raincoast 2005 user group conference giving a presentation on mobile devices from 11:30 am to 12:30 am and will have quite a collection in tow, including my Apple Newton 2100, Sharp Zaurus SL-5500, Tungsten T3, Treo 650, Axim X50v, Axim X51v, Orange SPV E200 and Motorola MPx220 Smartphones, the loaner Palm LifeDrive, Nokia 7610 and 3650, and my Fujitsu Tablet PC. I will have my Sony PSP too, although that is really a portable gaming system with some great additional features.

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