Treo 650/HTC Universal camera and display thoughts

I usually don’t count on the camera inside these mobile phones to be of much use, but the one on the Treo 650 is actually quite good and with SplashBlog I find it a very enjoyable feature. I took some photos using the QTEK 9100 and the Treo and compared them on Howard Forums and as you can see there is quite a difference in quality. I will test this out again when the production K-JAM arrives, but it looks like it will be tough to beat the Treo 650 camera.

Another thing I noticed this morning while surfing and using both devices in the vanpool was that you really don’t get much screen real estate advantage in the HTC Wizard over the Treo 650. Microsoft has a new soft key bar, and used to use the bottom toolbar, that is always present when using applications where only some 3rd party programs have this on Palm devices. Also, there is a top taskbar in Windows Mobile while Palm uses a hidden upper menu system for most applications. There is still a couple millimeter advantage on Windows Mobile, but the 240×320 display and fonts is not as crisp and vivid as the 320×320 model on the Treo 650. I guess after using the 320×320 Treo and 640×480 Dell X51v I have become a bit spoiled by high resolution. There is the JasJar (dumb name) HTC Universal device, but it does not have EDGE support and is priced at over $1,000 so that is not even a consideration for me personally. Now if I could have scored the $150 deal like those at PDC or the MVP Summit then I would have jumped on that device.

  1. #1 by Antoine on October 4, 2005 - 13:12

    I can understand you about the resolution comments. The hardest part of the Treo 600 has been the screen. I really love the HVGA screen and Fonts4OS5 package on my T5. I really have a very readable device with a ncie screen. The fonts on the Qool device I am reviewing are similar in thinness, but not as full because of the pixels availiable. I for one cannot wait until 120dpi screen tech becomes normal for devices such as PDAs and PDA phones, that will be a great day for all of us who like to read anything on our devices.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on October 5, 2005 - 15:04

    Doesn’t Pocket IE in WM5 have a full screen mode? It does in the emulator and it’s quite nice.

  3. #3 by palmsolo on October 5, 2005 - 22:46

    Yes, browsing in full screen is quite nice on the Wizard and once I figured out that pressing the left soft key in landscape mode takes me back, it has become even more functional.

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