Smartphone GPS applications work on HTC Wizard

I am still testing out the HTC Wizard (QTEK 9100 model) and was testing out Mapopolis and Pocket Map Navigator with my Pharos Bluetooth GPS. Mapopolis worked fine, but Pocket Map Navigator was unable to connect to my GPS for some reason (didn’t have the right port listed anywhere I could find).

On a whim I launced the Windows Mobile Smartphone version of Mapopolis and guess what, it WORKS!!! This version is even better on the HTC Wizard because now you can use it with a single hand and get all the same functionality that you see on the Smartphone. This means zooming in and out and scrolling right and left with the directional pad. All menus and options are accessible using the two soft keys or with a stylus tap on the display. Voice navigation works as well and I actually prefer this version over the Pocket PC version for easier navigation.

I then decided to try the other Windows Mobile Smartphone application I have, CoPilot Live for Smartphones. The install went well and I was able to launch the application and view the maps. However, at first it looked like I wasnt going to be able to use my GPS. I went to Menu>Options and saw the GPS setting option with a 1 next to it. I tapped the GPS option and nothing happened. I then went to landscape mode and pressed Enter, but that didn’t work either. I just about gave up, but then pressed the red dot and Q to activate the number 1 and HURRAY there it went. I was able to access and use the full Smartphone program right on the HTC Wizard.

BTW, voice navigation in both applications sounds very good with the stereo speakers. This functionality puts another big plus into the HTC Wizard column.

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