Full review of HTC Wizard now live on Geek.com

Well it took me over a week, but you can now read what I think is my BEST review I ever wrote on the HTC Wizard. We’ll see what others think about it now and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

I am now fairly certain I will be making the move from the Treo to the Wizard since I have found that reception is just slightly less on the Wizard than it is on the Treo. The thing is the Wizard tends to spend more time searching for weak networks so it may actually have the same reception strength. I need to test things out for a couple more days before making a final decision because I have SO much gear for the Treo 650 and it really is a tough device to let go of.

  1. #1 by Antoine on October 7, 2005 - 13:10

    Neat review. I will mos def have to put that up as the template for howt o do a review (rewriting a few reviews in head as I type this).

    I submit my offer for your 650 if you decide to let go of it (that is if its GSM) 🙂

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