Running Opera on the HTC Wizard

In my review and on my blog I talked a bit about running Smartphone apps on the HTC Wizard and I just figured out how to get Opera running now with the Java Midlet Manager. The nice thing about Opera is it allows me to jump page by page with a right/left directional pad or right/left arrow in landscape and up/down goes from link to link. So far it seems quite stable, but doesn’t give you a full screen experience. Still the potential is very cool.

Lemonade is one of my favorite Smartphone apps and it sort of runs on the Wizard. The display is small and the keyboard doesn’t work so it really isn’t playable. Several PDAmill Smartphone games (Aqua Blocks, Cannons, Jewel Master, etc.) are playable with only the directional pad and softkeys, but the display is Smartphone sized.

  1. #1 by Shah2b on October 8, 2005 - 02:25

    Hi Matthew,

    Great review man, good in-depth and of course comparison with the pre-production model.
    I was wondering if Skype sounds better with “echo cancellation” off. At I read that it performs better when this feature is turned off.

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