CD Review: Paul Aldrich's MOCK 'n' ROLL

I am a big comedy fan, but the problem is that a lot of comedy uses language that I as a Christian prefer not to expose myself to. I recently picked up a Brad Stine CD and we also have a Chonda Pierce CD that we have had for quite some time. As a Mind & Media book reviewer, we were offered the opportunity to review a new music/comedy CD from Paul Aldrich called MOCK ‘n’ ROLL. I signed up to participate and was sent a CD to review free of charge with an obligation to evaluate the CD.

As a mobile device geek, the first thing I did when the CD arrived was to rip it into MP3 format to play on my Sony PSP, Treo 650 and iPod Shuffle. The CD contains songs and other dialog with titles such as Stairway to 7 Eleven, I Can�t Get No Liposuction,TV Themes In My Head, Gilligan�s P.C. Island, New Age California, Denomination Dating Blues and more. Paul does a Weird Al Yankovic parody of many songs that immediately took me back to my childhood and I was outwardly laughing for almost the entire CD.

I liked the quick TV Themes spoof where he related life events to guitar music with TV themes that I found very familiar, i.e. The Twilight Zone for a girl he met and Dueling Banjos for the girl’s cousins. His teen years are reflected in the New Age California spoof of the Eagles Hotel California. I like Tom Petty and thought the Oops…I thought I Could Sing parody was quite funny. The love song for dyslexics was a clever in that he went from the end of the story about YHTAK through to the beginning when they first met.

While the entire CD was enjoyable, my personal favorite was the Denomination Dating Blues because the descriptions of the denominations he described were just too true. The Baptist girl had great big Baptist hair, the Catholic girl became a nun, the Pentecostal girl said no tongues tonight, and the Jehovah’s Witness girl just kept on knocking.

The second to the last song on the CD is called Alter Me and is a wonderful praise song that really gets you thinking about how we desire the Lord to alter us and help us become the Christians we should be.

The CD is not loaded with Christian songs or discussion and you may not even realize that it is from a Christian until you get to the Alter Me song. This may be a great way to start dialog with friends and others who are not yet saved as a way to show them that Christians can have and be funny and don’t have to give up comedy when they accept the Lord as their Savior. If you enjoy good clean comedy and want some great laughs then I highly recommend this excellent CD from Paul Aldrich.

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