Microsoft Voice Command works with Bluetooth headset on HTC Wizard

In my quest to figure out if the HTC Wizard can knock the Treo 650 out of my hands, I discovered that you can get Microsoft Voice Command working via a Bluetooth headset and quickly loaded up Voice Command 1.5 and make a quick registry hack. I tested it out and it works quite well at dialing, launching applications, etc. I am planning on trying the same thing out with Fonix Voice Central 3.0 because it adds the ability to have your emails read to you as well as all the features found in Voice Command. The included Voice Speed Dial is good, but requires you to setup voice tags for every command. The other Cyberon software in the TORQ P100 was more powerful and I would have liked to see that in the Wizard.

I also made the registry change to get ClearType in both landscape and portrait modes and that is working well on the K-JAM.

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