The Treo 650 stays and the Wizard hits the road

After almost 3 weeks of trying to decide between the HTC Wizard and the Treo 650 I have decided to stick with the Treo 650. As some of my readers may know I had a Treo 650 back in Feb/March and then recently came back to it because it is such an incredible device and for me it is a better fit at this time and won’t cost me anything. Going for the K-JAM would cost me a couple hundred over what I could get for the Treo 650 and as a reviewer, I am lucky enough to have a X51v in my hand to use indefinitely too.

One of the big limitations of the Palm web browser is the 2MB download limit. Well, I just connected the X51v to the Treo via Bluetooth DUN and downloaded a 17MB podcast so that solves that issue. I can surf on a beautiful 640×480 VGA display if I want to do some serious surfing or I can take the Treo on the road with me by itself. The native PDF support coming from DataViz is also a HUGE factor in my decision and I can’t wait to try it out. I really use my Dell Axim for GPS since it has a large nice display and also don’t use GPS that much so I can’t make it a priority. However, it is very cool that the HTC Wizard can run my Smartphone GPS applications so well. I can’t dial via Bluetooth on the Treo, but the Favorites and dialing is so easy on the Treo that I prefer to use it over voice dialing anyways. Also, the Treo works just as well with my headsets and Parrot Easydrive car kit.

I just saw that there was another firmware going around for the Treo and I really have my device working very well and it hasn’t reset on me in almost a month. I also have Opera loaded on it now and that baby screams, but doesn’t yet support downloads that I could figure out.

So, the bottom line is that the Treo is staying and the Axim X51v will fill in any gaps where the Wizard may beat the Treo. I also prefer sticking with my SD and CF cards and don’t want to start collecting miniSD cards at this time. I am also thinking that if T-Mobile does indeed come out with the Wizard next year I may make a switch at a substantially reduced price since I haven’t switched my official T-Mobile phone for 3 years now.

  1. #1 by Antoine on October 11, 2005 - 10:34

    an so closes another chapter, for a min or two, in the gadget diaries.

    Glad to hear the choice, though it really did seem a ton harder than it should have been. That is one hard decsion.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on October 11, 2005 - 15:49

    It seems to me that your decision came down more about accessories and $$ rather that the quality of the device. Let me phrase it this way.. If you could have all the same accesories for the wizard as you have now for the treo650 and you were given a free wizard, which would you chose?

  3. #3 by palmsolo on October 11, 2005 - 18:36

    Do you have a free Wizard so I could say for sure:)

    This really is the tough question and in all honesty for me personally I think I would still go for the Treo. The hardware is very nice and everything is super zippy on it. One handedness cannot be beat and the display and keyboard are bright. Then again the Wizard has the latest WiFi and BT radios and the keyboard is well designed. Shoot, I really do think it is a toss up depending on what you are looking for and think both are great choices.

  4. #4 by Mike on October 11, 2005 - 19:24

    I agree with your decision. I love my 650 – just an excellent phone and handles e-mail with ease. I still appreciate the often taken for granted desktop synching it has always provided for me. Now if they can only make this baby even thinner….

    The negatives you pointed out for the Treo are negatives you can throw at most phone operating systems.

    I think you enjoy, actually, the best of both worlds with the VGA Dell. I would love to have one of those for e-books, surfing, and maybe even gaming. Unfortunately, the gadget funds in my household are tight which three boys can do for me!!!

  5. #5 by Scott R on October 11, 2005 - 19:39

    Hey Matt, I’ve been following your comments this past week and it’s interesting to see that you’ve come to the same conclusion that I have, even if it’s for somewhat different reasons.

    I was trying out the Sprint PPC-6700 and there was a lot to like about it. It was a true geek delight in terms of features. For me, the main reasons for deciding to send it back and stick with my Treo 650 were usability and the miniSD slot. On the latter, I already had a few SD cards, including a recently purchased 2GB SD card, so I was hesitant to dump another chunk of money on a 1GB (max currently) card.

    In terms of usability, I posted several of my observations on and, but if you’re interested I’d be happy to compare notes with you.

    It’s too bad really, because I’ve long lamented the Treo’s too-tiny thumbboard, and while the PPC-6700’s thumbboard was far from perfect, it was noticeably more comfortable for longer sessions than the Treo’s. I think I’m still not happy with the usability of WM/PPC in general, so I guess I’m stuck with Palm OS 5, warts and all, until MS gets it right or someone else comes out of nowhere.

  6. #6 by Anonymous on October 11, 2005 - 22:25

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  7. #7 by Anonymous on October 11, 2005 - 22:27

    Have to go with what the second poster said… your decision seems to be more out of the cost factor than the usability/quality of the actual device. When you say that you might make the switch later at reduced prices, doesn’t that mean that you prefer the wizard over the treo?

  8. #8 by Anonymous on October 12, 2005 - 06:45

    Hey Matt! Good choice!

    I think that both of these devices are great, and I think that HTC is going to have a big hit with the 6500/Wizard design. Wi-Fi, fast data connections, keyboard, compact size…people have been asking for these features for a long time.

    As to your choice to keep the Treo, I think that it is very reasonable that cost ended up being one of the main factors. ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, the Treo is a better value right now, because you can get a used one for $300-400 dollars, or a new one for

  9. #9 by palmsolo on October 12, 2005 - 08:23

    “When you say that you might make the switch later at reduced prices, doesn’t that mean that you prefer the wizard over the treo?”

    If you use both devices side-by-side you will find that the overall usability just seems easier and more functional on the Treo 650. Granted the Wizard has much better specs in almost all regards, it just isn’t as quick and user friendly as the Treo and takes a bit more effort to do some of the same tasks. There are a lot more menus to go through still in WM 5 and I am just personally happier with my Treo 650.

    Also, money has to come into your decision, unless you have lots of spare funds so I don’t think it is unreasonable to consider this in your decisions.

  10. #10 by Anonymous on October 12, 2005 - 09:46

    Its been interesting reading this blog. PalmSolo I think you hold a certain affection for the Treo650 that may cloud your judgement (PalmSolo doesnt sound very neutral? 🙂 ) and I understand that cost does play factor..but…. You know like all of us that the initial price is always high for a new device. The Treo650 went down in price as will the wizard which will then become competitive with the treo. So I dont neccessarily agree on the cost argument.

    Complexity of the OS could be down again to your use of the treo. People who use Windows dont like MACs and vice-versa. Why? because they expect things to work in certain ways, they have a level of comfort with it and dont like losing that with a new device. To each to their own I guess, but I think you will find windows mobile devices dominating the mobile market soon.

    I’ll also still my neck out a little and say when this gets offered by carriers, it will become one of the most popular PDAs ever.

  11. #11 by palmsolo on October 12, 2005 - 10:15

    Actually, my palmsolo moniker comes from back in 1997 when I started with a Pilot 1000 and created this username at PalmStation and on other sites. In 2001 I started moving back and forth between both the Palm and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile platforms depending on what device I liked at the time. Since early 2004 I was using different Pocket PC Phone Edition devices and was very pleased with the OS. I never thought I would go back to a Palm device as my primary device, which is why I still have a Tungsten T3 for review purposes. I was/am quite a die hard Pocket PC Phone advocate and many people say I need to give more Palm coverage on I personally recommend devices from both platforms to people depending on what their INDIVIDUAL needs and desires are.

    I agree that Windows Mobile devices will take over the market, shoot look at what they have done the last couple years. PalmSource has sat on their heels for too long and hasn’t evolved much so that Windows Mobile was able to overtake them and I am quite worried about the future of the Palm OS. I think competition is good and hope that Palm continues to live, but it may turn into a Mac sort of community. The Windows Mobile Treo is extremely interesting to me and you’ll probably see me be the first one to buy a GSM version next year. The rumored Symbian Treo also interests me since my Symbian devices have always been the most stable with the best cellular reception.

    I think the HTC Wizard will be a great seller and LOVED the device as you can see in my full review. It took me 3 weeks to decide to stay with the Treo 650 and I could go out and buy the Wizard today and think I would be VERY happy with either choice. Like I said, if I can get one for under $400 from T-Mobile in a couple months, I may go for it. Then again, now that I figured out how to mess with the ROM on the Treo, I have this baby humming along just fine and enjoy the quick response and usability.

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