Cingular testing HSDPA here in Seattle

I’ve been quite happy with the 100-120 kbps EDGE speeds I have been seeing on T-Mobile and just recently resigned for another year with them to add my two oldest daughters to the family plan. I just read an Engadget article stating the Cingular has HSDPA running here in select markets for testing, including the Seattle area. This data network will give you speeds approaching what others have been enjoying with EVDO. While this is quite exciting for us data hounds and makes me almost want to kick myself for not making the switch to Cingular, there are currently no mobile devices supporting HSDPA and there is no word on what Cingular will charge for this faster data service. I am sure T-Mobile will eventually catch up in the 3G/3.5G world and am quite content to use some amazing devices with EDGE. Once HSDPA and other high speed networks really start rolling out I will have to give some thought to dropping my DSL service that I pay $50 a month for now.

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