Production QTEK 9100 in my hands, new minor issues

My production model QTEK 9100 arrived today and while it does have a better keyboard design and backlight, there are a couple of new issues that I don’t like compared to the preproduction model as I detailed in this Howard Forums post. You see the display is now like the K-JAM and not the richer darker version seen on the preproduction model. Also, they changed the Comm Manager to one that makes a lot less common sense. Instead of leaving the phone on/off button they put a volume on/off button. Well you can turn the volume on/off by just holding the Comm Manager hardware button so there is no reason to have duplicate methods for doing this. The Comm Manager now requires that you physically tap the display on your device to turn the phone on or off using the small icon on the top status bar. I am going to see if I can get the Comm Manager from the preproduction model working on the production model since that would address one new issue.

If the keyboard backlight was better on this preproduction model and I could get a ROM update then I would seriously consider keeping it instead since I REALLY like the better, less washed out colors of the display. The QTEK 9100 would be perfect with the old Comm Manager and more colorful display.

  1. #1 by Darren Humphries on October 21, 2005 - 16:28

    Well, I’m sure you aren’t being too picky, now are you? 😉

    Actually, I really notice screens as well. I had read about the yellowish tint on some of the iPaq models but was really amazed when I got my 4150. It really was yellow…ish. Anyone I showed said they didn’t see it but when you are used to seeing a very clear vibrant screen you do notice the difference.

    I got used to the 4150 and really enjoyed it. Matt, I’m sure that’ll be the same with you. The most interesting thing will be to see what you think of the Wizard after having it for 6 months or so, since you like to change your devices as often as some change their underwear. 😉

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