Back to Treo 650 again, somebody stop me

OK, I won’t blame you if you never read my blog site again after reading what I just did. David Weiniger, who seems to know me quite well, emailed and asked if I was keeping the QTEK 9100 device. If I didn’t want to keep it then he would refund my money and use it to send out to other reviewers. Dang, this put the little Palm guy on my shoulder saying “send it back, you don’t have the money for it and don’t need it”. Then, my buddy who was going to buy my Treo 650 package called to tell me he had to put lots of cash into his car and couldn’t afford to buy it. Well, this just put the nail in the coffin and I just FedExed back the QTEK 9100 to David. I did like the device quite a bit and it is a great Phone Edition device, but the Treo 650 is just so functional and meets my needs like I stated previously. Granted, there are more bells and whistles with the HTC Wizard, but these are not personally needed by me. I also discovered PDANet and am using the trial version right now. This allows me to use the Treo 650 as a cabled or Bluetooth modem for my Tablet PC.

Call me PDA schitzo, but I think I’ll be happy sticking with the Treo 650:)

  1. #1 by Rafe on October 24, 2005 - 14:38

    If the 650 last more than 3 months I’ll eat my phone 🙂

  2. #2 by Darren Humphries on October 24, 2005 - 16:55

    {throws hands up in the air}
    Matt, this just makes it all the more entertaining to come to your site! 😉 Can’t wait to see what happens next week. 😀

    For a while I went between the Palm and PPC but I use so many of the features on Windows Mobile that I am sticking with it and leaving Palm behind. But that’s just me…

    Darren Humphries

  3. #3 by Antoine on October 24, 2005 - 18:13

    …and on the next episode of As PalmSolo Turns… LOL

    And here I am just having a good time reading how you are going back and forth on this.

    Rafe says 3 months, I give you until the end of Jan 😉

  4. #4 by Anonymous on October 24, 2005 - 21:43

    Hey Matt! I think the fact that you’ve gone back and forth so often between the Treo and the Wizard just indicates how good both of those devices are. They both have great designs, and are very capable.

    Take care,

  5. #5 by Anonymous on October 25, 2005 - 09:45

    LOL I love reading about guy who changes his mind more often than I do. Althought I have to say, after going through a bunch of pda’s, when I finally settled on the Treo 650 I lost my urge to change. Probably a 700p would get me envying again.

  6. #6 by Anonymous on October 25, 2005 - 22:40

    Hey Matt!
    How about doing a review of the Eten M600 when that is released next month?
    Love to see your thoughts on that piece of hardware. You seemed to like the M500 (Torq P100).
    I’m waiting for something special to come along & knock my 650 out of my hands.
    I’m looking for a Pocket PC phone with one-handed operation on par with the Treo & the ability to run Skype properly. I understand that the Qtek 9100 only barely manages Skype.

    Keep up the good work & great reviews!


  7. #7 by Anonymous on October 26, 2005 - 19:55

    i believe you made the right decision


  8. #8 by Anonymous on October 27, 2005 - 05:59

    Not to change the subject too dramatically, but I am quite curious as to ascertain the effect of BlackBerry’s possible copyright trademark infringement violations on the mobile e-mail solutions and PDA market.

    I cannot fathom the rationale for Research-In-Motions not to notice possible copyright trademark infringement violations before unveiling the first BlackBerry suite on the consumer market.

    Will BlackBerry’s legal troubles result in higher levels of acceptance for the Treo 650?

    Obviously, I am the complete antithesis of a “tech geek” which is precisely why I am visiting – to learn.

  9. #9 by Anonymous on October 27, 2005 - 11:24

    I just Went through the ringer ??? trying to use the Eten M500 and then waiting for the Wizard. Palm solo, you got me thinking about the Treo 650 again ! I had the original release on Cingular and hated the reseting echo plagued device. Then I read you comparisons and went out to get hte Treo 650 with 1.15 firmware upgrade. What a pleasent device now with the best reception and voice quality and stability. Plus Pocket tunes came out for this device and it works great! Thanks for hangin in there with a great comparison.


  10. #10 by palmsolo on October 28, 2005 - 02:31

    I would like to try the ETEN M600/TORQ P100w and may get the chance. I thought the TORQ P100 (ETEN M500) was an excellent device with an outstanding software suite and would probably have bought one if it had EDGE support. This looks to be missing in the next version too, which is a shame since the integrated WiFi and cool black color would probably have had me sold on it 🙂

    The RF reception on the Treo 650 really is outstanding compared to the Wizard in low signal quality areas. On my trip I had the test QTEK 9100 getting no signal and the Treo 650 getting 2 bars.

  11. #11 by Martin on October 31, 2005 - 12:22

    Thanks – all questions answered!

    Dear Matthew!

    I and my brother in law, have for the last weeks scanned all known Norwegian pda/smartphone and cell phone review sites trying to figure out what kind of phone to buy. But no one really came up with anything even close to what you are writing in your blog and on It was relieving! Beeing a long time Palm user (I got hooked in the last century when my boss gave me his Palm Pilot) I have really had second thoughts about leaving the Palm OS for Windows. Before reading your review I was very close to give up Palm and start out with some Notes/Windows Mobile sollution, but now I can relax and go for the treo 650.

    Thanks for being a pda geek!
    And I smiled when I saw your slogun “Geeking for Jesus”. Amen brother!

    I see from what you are writing that you too need to consider the relatively high costs of these things. In Norway some guys have now started a service provider called “New Phone” where the whole bussiness concept is to provide the most expensive cell phones/ smart phones to reasonable prices. The idea is that you rent the phone, but don’t pay for sercvice before you call/sms for more than the rent. The catch is that you have to sign up for three years. But the really good part is that I now will be able to get my Treo 650 and at the same time reduce my annual cell phone costs with 20% (including renting the phone). And next year I will be asked to change my phone to a new one (and sign up for three new years). In this way I from now on allways will be able to be on the cutting edge regarding cell phone!

    Take care!
    Gods Peace

    Martin Aarflot
    (finally upgrading from nokia+PalmV)

  12. #12 by maceyr on November 6, 2005 - 00:58

    Glad to hear that you’ve discovered the error of your ways (jk). If you ever change your mind, I’m sure someone will want to buy it off you (is it a GSM Treo, btw)?

    maceyr’s Palm blog for newbies and new converts

  13. #13 by palmsolo on November 6, 2005 - 08:56

    Yes, it is a GSM unlocked Treo 650.

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