My review photo mentioned in a recent podcast

I have been using my Treo 650 with the cool iTunes utility to listen to podcasts lately. While I don’t generally agree with Dave Ciccone’s unparalleled fawning over HP’s mobile devices, he does create some good podcasts. I listened to Podcast 39 yesterday where they interviewed Kristen Pribble from OtterBox and they mentioned the photo of some guy who put a trailer on an OtterBox case. Well that guy was me as you can see in my review of the OtterBox 1900 case. I thought that was pretty funny that the photo was mentioned in the podcast.

I am still seriously considering a podcast with some video reviews, but just have to find the time to get it together and now that soccer season is wrapping up I may find some more time. Then again, my day job is getting VERY busy and will require lots of travel in the next 4-6 months too.

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