Did I give away too much?

I’m such an idiot 🙂 I regularly help family and friends with their tech issues and provide free assistance to everyone I know. I have given away and setup friends and family with wireless routers over the last several months and just last night was able to get my wife’s aunt’s house up and running with WiFi and the router I was actually using myself for the last few months. I then planned to go back to the very first router I bought a few years ago that included a print server, the SMC Barricade 7004AWBR. Since my wife’s new fax, printer, scanner has an ethernet port I thought it would be awesome to use the print server on this router. Well, I went to hook everything up and realized that somewhere along the way I lost or gave away the ac adapter that works with this router. I figured, no big deal, we have ac adapters all over the house. Well after trying out all that I could find, about 10 of them, I still haven’t found one that works with the router 😦 I brought the router into work to see if they have any extras and if not then I will be off to Radio Shack at lunch to see if they can set me up.

I am also considering a new 802.11G router with print server and will have to check out alternatives there. I should probably check before I give away too much next time, huh?

UPDATE: I went to Radio Shack and of course this SMC Barricade uses a special power source requiring 5V, 2 amps and Radio Shack doesn’t carry any with these specs. I hunted online and found one for about $27 with shipping. Now I would also need a USB to parallel adapter since this is an older SMC with a parallel printer interface and this runs at least $20. So to get this setup I would have to spend $47 and hope it worked. Instead I found this SMC 802.11g router with USB printer server for $52 after rebate and just placed my order. Tom’s Hardware had a detailed review on this router and seemed to like it. The Brother multi-function unit I bought my wife has a Brother print server for a whopping $200 so I think the $50 on this new SMC is a good deal.

  1. #1 by Darren Humphries on November 10, 2005 - 08:19

    Yes, I would think you should. 😉 It’s easy to misplace stuff though. With all the cords that come with everything it is too easy to “give away” the wrong thing. A few times I have taken a computer to a fiend or relative and it was missing something small…like a power cord. 😉

    I’ve also sent review items back to the companies that send them and have had to send in a missing item afterward. {sheepish grin}

    I’ve taken to checking everything about 4 times before sending it out and trying to keeping things organized here. Doesn’t always work though. 😉

  2. #2 by maceyr on November 10, 2005 - 08:26

    We make mistakes. But it’s very nice that you’re taking your time out to help people. I also love to help my friends with their computer problems although I’m not a total tech wiz but know enough to do things for them. Although I do go out of my way for people, I usually don’t make that mistake of giving out stuff that doesn’t belong. I own a SMC Barricade 7004VBR LAN router but it may not be the same. The specs of the adapter:

    DVE product number: DV-061AS-B20
    Input: 120 V AC 60hz
    Output: 6 V DC 1000mA
    Class 2 transformer.

    Hope that helps.

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