Busy with salvage case and no home WiFi

I was quite busy this weekend building an electronic hull model and running some analysis for a barge that struck an object down in the Gulf this weekend and started spilling heavy oil. Check out this Google News link for newstories on the incident.

As I posted last week I also no longer have a wireless router in my house at the moment since I gave all mine away and couldn’t find the special ac adapter for my old SMC. I have a new SMC 802.11g router with USB printer server that should be here on Wednesday and should then be back in business. I like to be mobile even in my house and not tied to the desktop PC. I also bought my wife a HP fax/copier/scanner/printer unit this weekend for the same price as the Brother one I bought last week and will be taking the Brother one back. The HP model has MUCH better quality printing and I have been a longtime HP product user and really trust their products.

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