Trend Micro customer service response ROCKS!

One thing that will get me excited about buying products online is responsive and helpful customer service experiences and I am happy to tell the world about such experiences. In the past I have used McAfee and Norton for my antivirus solutions. McAfee kept giving me a nag screen at the end of my subscription that would not go away until I performed a registry hack. We use Norton at work right now and it is a decent product, but I didn’t like the interface that much. This year I tried the Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security application and absolutely LOVED it. They had a unique WiFi detection and monitoring interface and an extremely easy and user friendly control interface. They also have a home security pack for up to 3 computers, which is important in today’s world where many families (especially geeky ones like mine) have multiple networked computers. My 2005 subscription is about up so I went to try to find out how I could best buy an upgrade for our home computers.

I was a bit confused by the products on their site and couldn’t quickly find a link to the product I desired. I shot an email to the PR contact I worked with before and he quickly responded (within 5 minutes) and then said he was shooting an email to their support staff. Within another 5 minutes, or less, I received an email from their support staff with direct responses to my questions and a link to the upgrade for the software. Wow, now that is customer service. I understand that I may have gotten a bit faster service due to my media influence with, but even then I never get responses this fast and am EXTREMELY happy with their antivirus and firewall product. If you are in the hunt for a new antivirus application now that 2005 is about to end, I highly recommend you give Trend Micro’s product a try.

  1. #1 by Antoine on November 28, 2005 - 13:11

    I’ve been using Trend Micro for the past 3 or four years and have been quite pleased with their product and service support. The fact that PCCillin doesnt lag down my system like the others has been a boon to graphics and game play that I like to do on occasion.

    Glad to hear they are doing you well too Palmsolo

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