podcast nearing first release

I received the Plantronics DSP 500 headset/microphone unit the day before Thanksgiving and started working on getting my first podcast up and running. I found an intro audio clip to use and also made a few test recordings that seem to sound quite good. I just hope there are enough inflections and excitement in my voice to get people to listen to the podcast so I can make it a regular feature of and maybe even I plan to get this first one recorded this weekend for posting early next week. Joel Evans, the Chief Geek, is coming out here to Seattle in a couple weeks and I would like to get him on a show live with me with future plans to use Skype since he is out in the Boston area.

I minimized my kit today and discovered I didn’t bring in any headphones to listen to my podcasts. I then pulled out the pre-development QTEK 9100 I still have around and am listening to podcasts via Bluetooth from the QTEK to my Cardo Scala 500 headset. This is one very cool feature of Windows Mobile that I still haven’t found a solution for with the Treo 650.

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