Nokia N90 S60 camera phone has arrived

I was contacted a couple months ago about a new Nokia PR program starting up where they were going to try to get new Nokia handsets into our hands for review purposes. I was very pleased with this new program because it has always been a bit difficult to get Nokia smartphones to review.

The first smartphone that I just received on Friday is the cool new Nokia N90. The most distinctive feature of the is its 2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. I reviewed the Nokia 7610 that was one of the first camera phones with a megapixel camera and I was quite pleased with many of the photos taken with that smartphone. So far, I am even more impressed with the 2 megapixel N90 camera with its flash that actually works quite well. The N90 also reminds me of the Sony CLIE devices I loved since it has a unique flip and twist design in switching between a closed, flip open, and imaging mode. The camera is usable in both the closed and imaging modes and Nokia takes advantage of the outside display to help make the device more functional. So far, I have found that the RF signal strength seems to be a bit less than what I say on the Nokia 7610. It is definitely a good sized phone so if a small form factor is what you desire, then I don’t think this phone is for you. The camera seems geared to those who find a camera an important feature and I plan on loading up SplashBlog soon to update my photo blog with the N90 photos. As a father of 3 daughters, taking photos on the spur of the moment is actually important to me so this device may help keep me from having to take along my 3.2 megapixel Pentax Optio 33WR along all the time.

The N90 runs Symbian OS 8.1 with the S60 2nd Edition UI. The display is an amazingly clear high resolution (352 x 416 pixels) with support for 262k colors. Fonts and images are crisp and clear. It is a GSM phone with EDGE and UMTS support. I found the EDGE speeds on T-Mobile to scream, but unfortunately cannot test the UMTS functionality. If you do have UMTS then you can use the device for video phone calls and photo/video sharing as well. The Opera browser, QuickOffice suite, Adobe reader, instant messaging client, and more are included on the device.

I’ll update you with more results of testing as I try to use just the N90 for the next week or more and will also be putting thoughts on

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